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Francis Joseph Haydn
(1732-1809) THE CHOIR BOY Once upon a time ther...

The Story Of Antony And Cleopatra
Of all love stories that are known to human history, ...

Percy Bysshe Shelley And Mary Godwin
A great deal has been said and written in favor of ea...

Dean Swift And The Two Esthers
The story of Jonathan Swift and of the two women who ...

Horace Greeley
Among the hills of New Hampshire, in a lonely, unpain...

The Story Of The Carlyles
To most persons, Tennyson was a remote and romantic f...

The Story Of Rachel
Outside of the English-speaking peoples the nineteent...

Edward The Confessor
King from 1042-1066 The Danish kings who follo...

Genseric The Vandal
King from 427-477 A.D. The Vandals were anothe...

Samuel Finley Breese Morse
Samuel F. B. Morse was born at the foot of Breed's Hi...

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"helen Jackson."
Abelard And Heloise
Abraham Lincoln
Alaric The Visigoth
Alexander Von Humboldt
Alfred The Great
Attila The Hun
Baron Cuvier
Bayard Taylor
Benjamin Franklin
Bernard Palissy
Bertel Thorwaldsen
Byron And The Countess Guiccioli
Canute The Great
Captain James B Eads
Carl Linnaeus
Charles Martel
Charles Reade And Laura Seymour
Charles Robert Darwin
Charlotte Corday And Adam Lux
Count Rumford
David Glasgow Farragut
Dean Swift And The Two Esthers
Dr Samuel Johnson
Dwight L Moody
Edward The Black Prince
Edward The Confessor
Ezra Cornell
Felix Mendelssohn
Ferdinand Lassalle And Helene Von Donniges
Francis Joseph Haydn
Francis Trevelyan Buckland
Franz Peter Schubert
Frederick Barbarossa
Frederick Chopin
Galileo Galilei
Genseric The Vandal
George Frederick Handel
George Iv. And Mrs. Fitzherbert
George Peabody
George W Childs
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Henry Cavendish
Henry The Fowler
Henry The Second
Henry V
Honore De Balzac And Evelina Hanska
Horace Greeley
James Clerk Maxwell
James Watt
Jean Paul Richter
Joan Of Arc
John James Audubon
John Sebastian Bach
Joseph Henry Lld
Joseph Marie Jacquard
Justinian The Great
King Charles Ii. And Nell Gwyn
Lady Blessington And Count D'orsay
Leon Gambetta
Leon Gambetta And Leonie Leon
Lieutenant General Sheridan
Lola Montez And King Ludwig Of Bavaria
Louis Agassiz
Louis The Ninth
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Marco Polo
Marie Antoinette And Count Fersen
Mary Queen Of Scots And Lord Bothwell
Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday
Napoleon And Marie Walewska
Ole Bull
Oliver Goldsmith
Percy Bysshe Shelley And Mary Godwin
Peter The Hermit
Queen Christina Of Sweden And The Marquis Monaldeschi
Queen Elizabeth And The Earl Of Leicester
Richard Wagner
Robert Boyle
Robert Bruce
Robert Schumann
Rollo The Viking
Samuel Finley Breese Morse
Sir Charles Lyell
Sir Henry Bessemer
Sir Humphrey Davy
Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Josiah Mason
Sir Titus Salt
Sir William And Caroline Herschel
The Cid
The Empress Catharine And Prince Potemkin
The Mystery Of Charles Dickens
The Nibelungs
The Story Of Aaron Burr
The Story Of Antony And Cleopatra
The Story Of George Sand
The Story Of Karl Marx
The Story Of Mme. De Stael
The Story Of Pauline Bonaparte
The Story Of Prince Charles Edward Stuart
The Story Of Rachel
The Story Of The Carlyles
The Story Of The Empress Marie Louise And Count Neipperg
The Story Of The Hugos
The Wives Of General Houston
Theodoric The Ostrogoth
Thomas Cole
Thomas Young
Warwick The Kingmaker
William Lloyd Garrison
William Tell And Arnold Von Winkelried
William The Conqueror
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Baroness Burdett-coutts.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Elizabeth Fry.
Elizabeth Thompson Butler.
Ellis And Acton Bell
Florence Nightingale.
George Eliot.
Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Harriet G. Hosmer.
Helen Hunt Jackson.
Jean Ingelow.
Lady Brassey.
Louisa M. Alcott.
Lucretia Mott.
Madame De Stael.
Margaret Fuller Ossoli.
Maria Mitchell.
Mary A. Livermore.
Mary Lyon.
Rosa Bonheur
William Mitchell.